Offer of services

Market analysis

  • analysis of offers
  • analysis of unit mix and sizes
  • analysis of bid prices
  • analysis of realised prices
  • analysis of future developments
  • competitive analysis

Project analysis

  • analysis of the overall project concept
  • unit mix analysis
  • unit size analysis
  • unit layout analysis
  • pricing analysis
  • competitive analysis
  • recommendations for change

Project preparation

  • modification of the project design
  • customer feedback before project launch
  • pricing
  • sales strategy
  • staging
  • client contract documentation
  • standard design
  • client changes
  • model apartment/house

Project marketing

  • name of the project
  • logo
  • visualisation
  • website
  • catalogue sheets
  • project model
  • drone shots
  • social networks
  • campaigns
  • PR events

Project sales

  • sale of „paper“ units
  • site visits
  • client site
  • signing of contracts
  • client changes
  • financial advice
  • servicing of the model apartment/house
  • user experience
  • investor programme

External consultant

  • mystery shopping at the dealer
  • mystery shopping reporting
  • project knowledge analysis and training
  • analysis and training of communication
  • client service analysis and training
  • negotiation training
  • real estate knowledge analysis and
  • training
  • analysis of process quality and
  • efficiency
  • automation
  • aml consulting
  • financial services

Our Specialties

Sales strategy

We are happy to devise and work with strategies of unavailability of selected units or under-counter pre-sales of selected units to achieve the chosen goal. Or would it be more appropriate to provide password access to the site and work with clients on a personal basis? For which phase of the project is this solution suitable and for which not?

A properly timed sales launch can impact the success of a project, as can a properly selected model apartment and its professional administration. If it is too early for a model apartment/house, we can provide a sales location in the centre of Prague with parking and client experience.

Client feedback before project launch

Do we have the correct unit mix? Have storage spaces been forgotten in the layout? Is there room in the bathroom for a washer and dryer? Is the shape of this patio acceptable to the clients and will they pay for the size of this patio? Which flats will be most in demand? Do we have a gate at all front gardens in the project? Is it possible to find a floor plan of the apartment on the website? Is the enquire apartment button visible enough? Is it nicer to visualize the interior of the living room or the view of the project?

To deal with professional blindness, we hold meetings where we present the project and have a chance to test what works and doesn’t work on a selected target group before we go into the sharp sell.

Servicing a model apartment/house, client site

Is it better to choose as a model apartment the nicest apartment in the project with a roof terrace, or on the contrary an apartment on a lower floor with a less attractive view and without a balcony?

What amenities should be provided for the model apartment/house? Is it good to be open every day? How to make the visit to the model apartment a thoughtful experience for the prospective buyer to sign the contract on the spot?

We are able to set all these issues up correctly and for cases where it is not yet structurally possible to arrange a sample apartment, we have a sales centre in the centre of Prague with dedicated underground parking for clients. This location will be dedicated to the project only and the interested party can sign all contractual documentation here in addition to familiarising themselves with the project.

External consulting, mystery shopping, automation

Are you already spending so much time on the project that you can’t see some of the details? Have you got the layout and unit mix right, and are the prices set correctly according to the client’s preferences? If you’re not sure, we can do an analysis of your project and see it through the eyes of the uninitiated. This analysis can be done even if the sale has been up and running but you are not happy with something.

Is your seller responding in a timely manner? Is he or she professionally prepared for client meetings? Can he or she sell or just offer? How does the client feel after meeting with him? All these questions and many more are answered by our mystery shopping, which can result in a detailed report with recommendations for improving sales services or developing salespeople.

How do I make sure I don’t sell a parking space or basement that is already booked to another client? Do all sellers have up-to-date information on the progress of negotiations with clients and know which parking spaces and basement are potentially booked? The automation software helps us to get the right solution by eliminating these oversights and not allowing us to generate a reservation contract with an accessory that has already been sold or is in pre-blocking by another client.


Do you also operate outside of Prague and the Central Bohemian Region?

Yes, there are cities where we have our own co-workers and we can ensure full-fledged sales. If we do not have our own team here, we can cooperate with a local seller, if such cooperation makes sense.

Do you sell projects exclusively or even non-exclusively?

95% exclusively. We can also sell co-exclusively with another real estate agency, but only if we can choose who will be the other real estate agency. The reason for advantageous co-operation can be the scope of the project, local knowledge/competence, range of services, etc.

Do I have to have a legal department?

You do not have to, our recommended law firm is able to prepare complete client documentation and conduct negotiations with clients. In case of interest and agreement, it can represent you in other cases (negotiations with the land registry, building authority, construction company, etc.)

Will you give me an analysis of the project (opposition) without subsequently selling the units?

Yes, we do this service, it depends on the scope of the study and the required delivery time

Do you sell projects only exclusively or also non-exclusively?

95% exclusive. We can also sell co-exclusively with another estate agent, but only if we can choose who the other estate agent will be. The reason for a beneficial co-operation may be the scale of the project, local knowledge/capacity, scope of services, etc.

Do you also do construction project management?

We focus exclusively on the sale of the units themselves and related sales or marketing activities, but we have long cooperated with a company that focuses on complete project management of construction and whose services we can recommend.