Who we are and what we do

We provide professional services for developers who want to succeed in the market of construction and sale of residential projects.

Our experience with the sale of residential projects dates back almost two decades, from land reconstructions and superstructures through multifunctional large-scale projects in the city centre implemented for foreign developers to our own development project financed by a bank loan. Subsequently, the offer of services was extended to include market analyses, legal services, marketing and other services associated with the sale of units in a residential project.

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Project analysis

Is the proposed composition of units suitable for the given location? Are the proposed sizes and dispositions suitable for the current market requirements?


Project preparation

Modification of composition, size and dispositions of units, sales strategy design, price list, logo, project name, catalogue sheets, website.


External consultant

Does your dealer know all the essential details about the project? Does he communicate with clients correctly? Is he ready for meetings? Can he negotiate?


7 reasons to come with us

Developer thinking

We think of projects as our own, because we know what development entails.

We, too, only get a profit if 100% of the units are sold. We do not push the developer for discounts, because that would mean our wrong pricing at the beginning of the project. We work with the needs of the loan agreement with the bank. We require powers, but we also take responsibility.

We create WITH each other and we participate WITH each other

We like to work with the project from the beginning, when we participate in its overall concept, composition, size and layout of the units. Any mistake at the beginning will show up during or at the end.

That’s why we take care to prepare so that we can then face the market head-on.


Viladomy Vestec –apartment house C

The residential project Viladomy Vestec – apartment house C offers a unique opportunity of modern living in Vestec in Prague West. In the two-storey apartment building, 19 apartment units are designed, offering perfect privacy, peace and security, but above all also underground parking. More about the project

Viladomy Vestec

The Viladomy Vestec residential project offers a unique opportunity for modern living in Vestec, Prague West. In two two-storey viladoms are designed only 15 residential units (house A - 7 flats, house B - 8 flats), which offer perfect privacy, peace and security. More about the project


I would like to pass on a recommendation for the services of Filip Ondruš, who helped us with the optimization of the Černická apartment building project during construction. His intervention in the concept of the last floor of the project resulted in the fact that soon afterwards we sold the units created by him in record time and with a higher yield than what was originally planned. The enthusiasm in finding a new and better solution in the optimization of the project was very inspirational and carried over into the sale. I can recommend his work to everyone who is planning or already implementing residential projects all over the country, I myself continue to consult with him on some projects.

Tatiana Hašková

Managing Director of OPTIMA Reality

I would like to personally express my satisfaction with the services of Filip Ondruš. With his expertise in the field of residential development he helped us in the preparation and implementation of our projects. His professionalism, interest in projects, enthusiasm for work, positive attitude and effort to find new and better solutions helped us in the optimization of the project, marketing and sales. We can recommend his services to anyone who wants to do residential projects honestly, professionally and mainly successfully.

Oldřich Růžička

Chief executive of Steel Effect a.s.


Do you also operate outside of Prague and the Central Bohemian Region?

Yes, there are cities where we have our own co-workers and we can ensure full-fledged sales. If we do not have our own team here, we can cooperate with a local seller, if such cooperation makes sense.

Do you sell projects exclusively or even non-exclusively?

95% exclusively. We can also sell co-exclusively with another real estate agency, but only if we can choose who will be the other real estate agency. The reason for advantageous co-operation can be the scope of the project, local knowledge/competence, range of services, etc.

Do I have to have a legal department?

You do not have to, our recommended law firm is able to prepare complete client documentation and conduct negotiations with clients. In case of interest and agreement, it can represent you in other cases (negotiations with the land registry, building authority, construction company, etc.)