The Divadelní apartment house

The Divadelní Apartment House is a development project of modern and comfortable housing, situated in a unique location in close proximity to the historic centre of Pilsen. The building is horizontally divided into two parts, the lower 5-storey one corresponds with the surrounding buildings, the higher 8-storey one exceeds the surrounding houses and offers the owners of flats on these floors breathtaking views of the city.

The Divadelní apartment building provides a total of 42 residential units and 6 studios. Each apartment has a garage parking space on the 1st floor of the building.

Location: Plzeň
Number of units: 48
Realization: 2012 – 2014
Sales method: Exclusive
Developer: Steel Efect a.s.
Our activity: sales, project management, consulting

Other projects

Viladomy Vestec –apartment house C

The residential project Viladomy Vestec – apartment house C offers a unique opportunity of modern living in Vestec in Prague West. In the two-storey apartment building, 19 apartment units are designed, offering perfect privacy, peace and security, but above all also underground parking. More about the project

Viladomy Vestec

The Viladomy Vestec residential project offers a unique opportunity for modern living in Vestec, Prague West. In two two-storey viladoms are designed only 15 residential units (house A - 7 flats, house B - 8 flats), which offer perfect privacy, peace and security. More about the project


Do you also operate outside of Prague and the Central Bohemian Region?

Yes, there are cities where we have our own co-workers and we can ensure full-fledged sales. If we do not have our own team here, we can cooperate with a local seller, if such cooperation makes sense.

Do you sell projects exclusively or even non-exclusively?

95% exclusively. We can also sell co-exclusively with another real estate agency, but only if we can choose who will be the other real estate agency. The reason for advantageous co-operation can be the scope of the project, local knowledge/competence, range of services, etc.

Do I have to have a legal department?

You do not have to, our recommended law firm is able to prepare complete client documentation and conduct negotiations with clients. In case of interest and agreement, it can represent you in other cases (negotiations with the land registry, building authority, construction company, etc.)